Wedding planning can be stressful but your ordering your wedding cake should be a fun and delicious experience. Schedule a cake tasting and consultation with our wedding cake coordinator by calling the store at (309) 685 - 9221. 

+ How Far Ahead Should I Order?

You may order your wedding cake as early as a year in advance of your wedding date. If you are wanting to reserve your day but don't have all the details, no need to worry! You have until two weeks before your wedding to have all the final details worked out.

+ Do You Deliver? How Far? & Do You Deliver on Sundays?

We are happy to deliver you wedding cake! Delivery charges do apply, with the exception of most locations right here in Peoria. We have delivered as far as Champaign/Urbana, for example, for a fee of $90. Sunday deliveries are an additional $25 and Holidays are an additional $50.

+ Can We Pick Up?

While we are happy to deliver, if you would prefer to pick up your cake you are welcome to do so. This is limited to two-tier cakes or those with pillars separating the tiers. Cupcakes also fall under this designation.

+ Can I Schedule a Cake Tasting?

You may schedule a cake tasting by calling the bakery at (309) 685 - 9221. This will afford you a 90 minute consultation with our wedding coordinator. There is no fee for consultations. However, if you are seeking only to pick up cake samples without a consultation there will be a $10 charge.

+ My Reception is Outside...Will My Cake Melt?

For outdoor receptions, we do our best to deliver close to the reception start time. However, any outdoor venue comes with the risk of hot/inclement weather. Our buttercream icing holds its stability well in the heat, but there can be no guarantees (as we have no control over the weather).

+ What Do I Need to Bring to My Consultation?

When you come to your consultation, you may want to bring pictures of cake designs you are interested in or color swatches from your wedding. These are not required, however, as we have many pictures available for you to look at. We can also custom-design your cake from a pattern on your invitations, your dress, or any other element you may wish to use. In Short - Anything Goes!

+ How Do We Save Our Top Tier For Our 1st Year Anniversary?

If you wish to save you top tier for your First Anniversary, we recommend freezing it overnight in the box we provide or another container. When the cake is frozen, wrap it first in one or two layers of plastic wrap. You may then add layers of wax paper or aluminum foil, return the cake to the box and wrap again with a plastic bag or paper sack. As with dressing in layers in cold weather, your cake will be best preserved if it has numerous layers to protect it. You may also wish to put your cake in a plastic container instead of the cardboard box.

+ When is Final Payment Due?

Final payment is due two weeks before your event. It is also at this point that we will finalize details to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of cake.

+ Do You Provide Boxes for Leftover Cake?

We will provide you with three boxes for use in saving your top tier or in the event of leftovers.

+ What Will the Cake Be Sitting On?

We assemble our cakes on white, laminated boards or, in the case of some smaller cakes, a white foil wrapped cardboard base. The laminated boards are to be returned clean to the bakery within a week or two of your event. There is a security deposit which is collected for these boards and returned upon their returning to the bakery. These boards should be washed with mild soap but never fully submerged or put in a dishwasher, as that will ruin them.