A Brief History and Introduction

In 1856, Simon Trefzger arrived in the United States from Germany.  After first settling in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1861, he relocated to Peoria, Illinois, and soon established a bakery that would become a household name in central Illinois for generations.

First located at 54 Fulton, between Adams and Washington Street, Trefzger’s Bakery moved to the intersection of Main and Monroe in the 1870s, where it stood for 83 years before relocating to 3504 Prospect Road in 1953. 

In 2016 Trefzger's moved again. After a two year long restoration project, Trefzger's Bakery moved into a building that is almost as old as the bakery itself! Currently located at 4416 N Prospect Rd, the bakery occupies the first floor of the Trefzger's Building in Downtown Peoria Heights. 

For 132 years, the bakery passed down through the hands of the Trefzger family: from Charles W. to Charles J., better known as Joe Sr., then from Joe Sr. to Joe Jr., formally known (as was his father) as Charles J. In 1993, a turning point came when the Trefzger family handed over the reins of the business they had built from the ground up to a new family.

Jeff and Martha Huebner have continued the Trefzger tradition of quality products for quality people, balancing the fine line between traditional and contemporary.  Trefzger’s Bakery understands the importance of providing satisfaction no matter what the occasion, whether it’s that first bite into a tender, sweet with a touch of salty thumbprint cookie, or a slice into a moist, mouth-watering cake.

Sharing a meal with family and friends is not just the consumption of food, but a life-sustaining practice that can nurture the body and kindle the soul.  A piece of bread is not just a piece of bread, and a cookie is not just a cookie. Trefzger’s Bakery seeks to enhance your enjoyment of each and every delight they offer, with a bit of insight into the processes behind them, and the hearts and souls of the bakers which are infused into each step of making them.


Our Location:

4416 N Prospect Rd

Peoria Heights, IL