The mid-eighteenth century was a time of great growth in America as immigrants from Europe were flooding coming over in search of a better life in a land full of hope and opportunity.

One of those immigrants was Simon Trefzger. In 1856, Simon made the trip from Germany to the U.S., settling first in Cincinnati, Ohio and then moving to Peoria in 1861. Once there, he opened a bakery on Fulton Street, between Washington and Adams Streets.

America was a country at war with itself at the time and Simon’s small bakery helped to provide bread for the troops who were stationed in the area which is now Glen Oak Park.

In the 1870s, the bakery moved to a brick building at the corner of Main and Monroe Streets. (Now the location of the new Peoria Marriott Pere Marquette)

In the early 1950s, the bakery moved from its downtown location to its current location on North Prospect. Through the years the bakery was run by four generations of Trefzgers: Simon; his son Charles W.; Charles’ son Charles J. (Joe Sr.); and his sons Charles J. (Joe Jr.) and Thomas.

In 1993, it was time for ‘Joe’ and Tom to retire and ownership was passed to the first non-Trefzger owner, Jeff Huebner, who continues to run the bakery today with his wife Martha and a staff of dedicated employees.

Through the years, Peoria has been home to sixty or more independent bakeries, and though most of those have gone by the wayside, Trefzger’s remains and continues to provide the Peoria area with quality baked goods that we feel would make Simon and his family proud.

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